Josh Peters is a six feet four inch muscular hunk. Even though this is only Josh’s third hardcore straight to gay movie with Men, he seems to be going through the ‘A’ list of porn stars. So far he has been fucked by ‘Johnny Rapid in ‘Johnny and the Giant,’ Luke Adams, winner of best new comer for 2015 in ‘My Mom’s New Husband part 6.’ A Guide To Sex In Prison with Adam Bryant, who is a new exclusive star to Men, and in his next movie he gets his ass fucked by Will Braun – another exclusive star to Men. Josh loves being fucked in his ass and he has a lovely seven inch thick cut cock. He has brown hair, blue eyes and weighs 245 pounds.
Adam Bryant is a new exclusive star to Men. He is twenty six years of age and has a great hard body with a load of tattoos. There is a great scene on YouTube where we can watch an interview with Adam Bryant behind the scenes where he speaks about how many times he masturbates in one day, and his love for sexy underwear. Adam is a top guy with a thick seven inch cut dick he has short cropped brown hair, smouldering brown eyes and is five feet six inches tall.

‘Delivering The Goods Part 1’ is a brand new series filmed by and released by ‘Men of UK.’ This first episode stars JP Dubois and Mark Sanz.
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The movie
‘Delivering The Goods’ starts off not with the two main sex stars of this episode, but with John Wolff and Nick North as they start kissing in the office. The think they are the only ones around until they hear a banging from outside. One of them rushes to the window, and when he sees it’s just JP Dubois and Mark Sanz, the delivery boys, they go back to kissing wildly.
JP Dubois and Mark Sanz are at the end of their working day. JP sits at the edge of the van as he talks to Mark. They hear male to male sex going on, and the sounds of heightened pleasure coming from one of the offices which turn them on. They lean forwards and kiss. JP is so turned on that he makes straight for Mark’s pants and sucks on his hard cock. The camera zooms in as JP deep throats Mark’s cock, and Mark sighs out with pleasure.
As the sound of fucking continue from close by, Mark bends over, and this time it’s JP who groans with excitement as Mark Sucks on his eight and a half inch dick, and licks his juicy smooth balls.
Mark stands up with one foot on the ground, and the other one raised up into the van as he holds onto the back door. JP opens up Marks cute ass with his hands as he buries his tongue as deep as he can go. Once he has made sure that Mark’s ass is dripping wet with his spit, JP stands up behind him as he slides all eight and a half inches right up his ass and fucks him standing up. There is another great close up here as the camera goes underneath their legs and we see JP’s thick cock battering Marks tight hole.
JP then sits down at the back the van as Mark holds onto something at the inside of the van and lowers himself on to JP’s condom covered cock. They make so much noise that they are in danger of being caught fucking in the van.
Mark then gets on his back as JP fucks his ass in the missionary position, and with one final cry of ecstasy, Mark Zans spills his cum over his body. JP Dubois pulls his cock out as he splatters Mark’s face with huis juicy hot cum. They kiss tenderly, and as they do, there is a noise from above. It’s John Wolff and Nick North who have seen what has been going on, and they are worried that they have been seen, or if they have been heard.
Continue watching the next episodes to see what else happens to the delivery boys, and the men having wild gay porn at follow Brent Everett as he goes around the world and makes sensual gay love to all the men he meets on and off camera. ‘Gods Of Men’ are proud to show it off for our entertainment. In this episode he meets up with the hunky and gorgeous, Massimo Piano.
Brent Everett starts off speaking about his love for gay guys with big dicks, and what he likes during gay guys sex. One thing he gets turned on by is Latin men and men with blue eyes, who he loves to make love to, rather than just have a quickie around the back.
gay guys with big dicks
The next scene shows off Massimo Piano laying on his back fully clothed on the couch with Brent Everett on top of him, kissing him passionately as their hands wander all over their hot bodies. Brent loves the taste of another man’s flesh and kisses Massimo’s hairy chest and small dark nipples which are both pierced, before he travels further down. They strip each other naked, and with Massimo still on his back, Brent goes in-between his powerful thighs and starts sucking on his seven inch circumcised cock. Massimo is so excited he thrusts his hips back and forth as he face fucks Brent at the same time as he deep throats his thick erection.

Brent then kneels up and as Massimo sucks his eight and a half inch dick, he strokes on his own cock which is rock hard and aching to cum. Massimo then turns around and gets on his hands and knees with his hairy ass in Brent’s fresh young face. The camera goes in close as Massimo leans back with his hands and spreads his juicy fuckable asshole open for Brent, who delves straight in with his tongue and tastes his delicious musky hole with enthusiasm.
The muscles on Massimo’s arm ripple as he takes his weight on his arms, and then the weight of Brent as he glides his cock deep inside his tight wet crack until he feels his balls resting against his entrance. Massimo groans out loud and Brent’s breathing gets deeper and heavier as he slides his cock in and out of Massimo’s hole which clamps down as tight as it can around his invading dick.
Massimo then gets Brent to sit up, and as he climbs on top of his cock, he kisses Brent fully on his lips as he rides his big dick up and down like a cowboy on a bucking horse. They kiss passionately once more and this time, Brent lies down and spreads his sexy legs as Massimo Piano drives his cock into Brent smooth asshole.
Brent Everett shoots a big thick juicy load of fresh hot cum over his body, and as he cums, his asshole goes into spasms around Massimo’s dick which is still deep inside him which sends Massimo over the top, and with a load groan, his cum gushes out and splatters over Brent’s thigh, hand and empty ball sack.

Adam Bryant goes back to his apartment after a great Sean Cody bareback session with his horny neighbour, Tommy Regan. His flatmate, Ricky Larkin soon finds out that Adam has been screwing Tommy, but admits that he has done the same thing. They laugh at the fact that they have had gay sex for the first time, and then they decide to give Tommy more cock than he can take. They go to his apartment and catch him still in his sexy pants with the ass cut out of them. Ricky physically picks him up, throws him over his shoulder, and throws him on the bed telling him that they are going to teach his hot ass a lesson.
sean cody bareback
Tommy is made to get on his hands and knees, and as he sucks on Adam’s growing bareback dick, Ricky gets behind Tommy and starts to lick his smooth tight asshole. Ricky and Adam strip naked showing off their muscular, sexy bodies, and they are all moan and groan with a heightened sense of pleasure as Ricky gets Tommy’s tight ass soaking wet with his bareback tube. Tommy carries on sucking Adam’s now rock hard dick.

As Tommy kneels up on the bed, he can feel Ricky’s saliva dribbling out of his asshole with out a condom and dripping on to the sheets as he grabs a hold of Ricky and Adam’s thick hard dicks and takes it in turns to suck and stroke on them both. Tommy is then made to bend over and to suck on Adam’s cock again, as Ricky explores Tommy’s asshole with his tongue once more.
Going down on to his hands and feet Tommy gives Ricky a great blowjob whilst Adam kneels down behind Tommy’s lovely ass and rams his tube cock right up Tommy’s slippery wet asshole. Tommy tries to cry out with excitement, but Ricky soon stops him by filling his mouth with his eight and a half inch dick.
Tommy sits on Ricky’s cock and rides him hard as he sucks Adam’s dick for a while before he is put on his back as Sean Cody drills his asshole as deep as he can go. The bed rocks with the weight of all three men as Ricky and Adam keep on relentlessly fucking Tommy’s hole.
Tommy Regan shouts out with satisfaction as his cum spurts out of his pulsating dick and splashes over his smooth body. The camera then zooms in and we get a great shot of Ricky’s thick creamy jizz as it shoots out into a puddle on Tommy’s stomach. Adam Bryant’s body stiffens up as he jerks on his cock. He feels his heavy ball sack tighten and then they all watch as his cum sprays out and mixes in with Tommy’s and Adams. check out more at twitter

‘Gods Of Men’ get stuck straight into the action with this great hardcore movie. It stars all exclusive star, Alex Mecum – and Wesley Woods, having sensual sex in the bedroom.
We start off with Alex Mecum kneeling up in the bed with just his tight underpants on. He is kissing Wesley Woods lovingly on the lips as his hands wander all over his body. Their unshaved chins scrape against each other as their tongues fight in each other’s hot wet mouths. Wesley moves slightly down where he kisses and slightly chews on Alex’ small dark bullet shaped nipple. Alex’s muscles flex as he peels off Wesley’s tight t-shirt as he puts his arms up, and then around Alex’ thick neck as they sink down onto the pillow and carry on kissing passionately.
Alex moves down Wesley’s gym shaped body as he slowly feels his cock. He grabs Wesley’s pants by the elastic and pulls his pants down and off making it easier access to his seven inch enraged cock. Wesley puts an arm around his neck to hood him up as he pulls his neck up to watch as Alex begins to suck on his cock. As Alex sucks him off, you can see Wesley’s balls moving around in his tight sack with excitement at the feeling of a tight mouth sucking him off. Alex then goes back up as he strokes on Wesley’s cock and Wesley strokes on Alex’ eight and a half inch dick as they mutely masturbate each other.
Alex goes back to his cock sucking but this time, he gets up on his knees, and as he bends over, we get a great shot of his asshole as it automatically opens up like a ripe peach as he bends over.
They start moaning and groaning quietly when Wesley sits up and Alex kneels on his legs with Wesley sucking on his solid hard dick and starts to deep throat him. Alex’ cock starts to throb between Wesley’s tight lips and he tells Wesley that he wants to fuck him. Wesley rolls onto his side and lets out another groan as he feels Alex’ condom covered cock entering his asshole and stretching his smooth rim as wide apart as they can go. Alex brings his arm down and strokes Wesley’s cock in perfect time with the slow and long thrusting of his own cock imbedded deeply inside Wesley’s ass.
As Alex’ thrusting gets more urgent, Wesley takes over stroking on his own dick, and every now and then Wesley turns around so that they can kiss at the same time as he gets his ass fucked harder and harder. As their passion builds up they get lost in a world of wonderment and can only feel the excitement building up in their hot and horny bodies, the rest of the world is lost to them.
Alex lies on his back and the camera goes in close as Wesley Woods sits on top of his fat dick and rides him up and down like a horse in a fast canter. They do a flip flop and pretty soon Wesley is fucking the ass off of Alex, and their hot sticky cum explodes out of their pulsating dicks which splashes all over Alex Mecum’s hairy and hard body.

They fuck furiously as they know they are on a time limit before someone comes up to serve them drinks that have ordered. Dennis sits up in the bed as Wesley crouches over his cock and lowers his ass down onto it. Sweat rolls down their hard bodies as Wesley rides Dennis’s cock as if he is in a race and getting closer and closer to the winning line.
Wesley gets back onto his side with Dennis West spooning him from behind. The bed rocks as Dennis doesn’t stop fucking that tight hole until he is about to cum. He slides his dick out of Wesley Woods’ slippery hole and shoots his hot scolding cum over Wesley’s large ball sack and over his cock. Wesley shouts out, and as he jerks on his dick, he spills his juicy jizz in thick globs over his jerking hand and onto his smooth hard stomach.
With fresh cum still leaking from Dennis’ cock, he puts his robe back on and goes in search for that much needed drink they ordered at the beginning.
This is Wesley Woods’ very first porn movie with, and from the looks of his sexy body, it won’t be his last. Wesley has been in other porn movies before, and he divides his porn career alongside his comedy acts he does up on stage. Wesley is a six foot handsome hunk with a great body and a few tattoos. He has black hair which has blonde streaks throughout it, sexy brown eyes, he also has a seven inch cock and likes nothing more than being an eager slutty bottom man.