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‘Delivering The Goods Part 1’ is a brand new series filmed by penisboss.com and released by ‘Men of UK.’ This first episode stars JP Dubois and Mark Sanz.
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The movie
‘Delivering The Goods’ starts off not with the two main sex stars of this episode, but with John Wolff and Nick North as they start kissing in the office. The think they are the only ones around until they hear a banging from outside. One of them rushes to the window, and when he sees it’s just JP Dubois and Mark Sanz, the delivery boys, they go back to kissing wildly.
JP Dubois and Mark Sanz are at the end of their working day. JP sits at the edge of the van as he talks to Mark. They hear male to male sex going on, and the sounds of heightened pleasure coming from one of the offices which turn them on. They lean forwards and kiss. JP is so turned on that he makes straight for Mark’s pants and sucks on his hard cock. The camera zooms in as JP deep throats Mark’s cock, and Mark sighs out with pleasure.
As the sound of fucking continue from close by, Mark bends over, and this time it’s JP who groans with excitement as Mark Sucks on his eight and a half inch dick, and licks his juicy smooth balls.
Mark stands up with one foot on the ground, and the other one raised up into the van as he holds onto the back door. JP opens up Marks cute ass with his hands as he buries his tongue as deep as he can go. Once he has made sure that Mark’s ass is dripping wet with his spit, JP stands up behind him as he slides all eight and a half inches right up his ass and fucks him standing up. There is another great close up here as the camera goes underneath their legs and we see JP’s thick cock battering Marks tight hole.
JP then sits down at the back the van as Mark holds onto something at the inside of the van and lowers himself on to JP’s condom covered cock. They make so much noise that they are in danger of being caught fucking in the van.
Mark then gets on his back as JP fucks his ass in the missionary position, and with one final cry of ecstasy, Mark Zans spills his cum over his body. JP Dubois pulls his cock out as he splatters Mark’s face with huis juicy hot cum. They kiss tenderly, and as they do, there is a noise from above. It’s John Wolff and Nick North who have seen what has been going on, and they are worried that they have been seen, or if they have been heard.
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