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It doesn’t matter how many times Joey Mills say he is straight, his is not, and ‘Str8 Teen Goes Gay’ have shown so many movies by Helix Studios proving this fact. Or is it just a fantastic fantasy that we as gay men have? Trying to get something that is supposedly out of bounds. Either way it doesn’t much matter, it’s the cock and ass that we love, and if it’s from a so called straight teens that’s married, well, that’s even better. In this first episode of this great new homosexual twink series Evan Parker tells his coming out story and how surprisingly good all his straight mates were about it. In fact, they were so excited about it that they all fucked him that same evening, and after that he saw them all on a regular basis, and when their wives were out of town. Joey Mills, who is exclusive to Helix Studios, stars alongside him in this first story of Evan’s great sex life.
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Evan Parker and Joey Mills are sitting on the couch together watching the game on telly when the telly breaks down. Joey’s wife is away and he is killing time. With the telly down, they don’t know what to do, when Joey smiles seductively and tells Evan that he could do with him sucking on his cock.
Evan lies down on the couch and undoes Joey’s shorts and pants and takes his already hard dick out. Joey smiles as Evan puts it in his mouth and begins to suck on his dick like only another man can. They take their tops off and as Evan carries on sucking on Joey’s dick, Joey’s hand strokes Evan naked back and then pushes his head down on his pulsating cock. Evan undoes his shorts so that Joey can get at his ass. Joey smacks his white ass and takes a hard grip of it making Evan moan with pleasure as he carries on sucking Joey’s dick. Joey’s hand goes between Evan’s firm cheeks and finger fucks his tight asshole.

This gets even more exciting as Evan lies on the ground on his back and his ass points upwards as his back leans against the couch. He strokes on his hard dick as Joey leans over and eats out his smooth asshole. The camera goes in close and one minute Joey Mills is licking this great ass, the next minute he is fingering him right up to his knuckle. Joey teases his hole even more by rubbing his cock over his crack but not quite into it at first. Both men growl with extreme pleasure as Joey does eventually sink his dick into Evan’s twitching asshole and as he grabs him by the ankles he fucks his sweet hole harder and harder.
They fuck doggy style for a while with Joey still slamming his aching hard dick into Evan’s tight hole, and then as he fucks him in the missionary position Evan Ridley cums over his smooth chest. Only seconds later and its Joey growling out loud as his scolding hot cum erupts onto Evan’s cum filled body.
They get up, shower and head off somewhere else to watch the game. I for one am looking forward to seeing more of Evan’s straight horny friends. With friends like these, what more could you ask for.
Evan Parker is a smooth young man with blonde hair and blue eyes. He has a great body and a six inch cut dick. He is versatile with a great asshole and has been in only four flicks for this adult gay twink paysite so far. His last flick was ‘Lifeguards: Bustin’ Beach Bums’ which ends up in a great and wonderful gay teen orgy full of jizz flying all over the place.
Joey Mills is a powerhouse of a man with a great rugby figure and plenty of tattoos. He has starred, exclusively for the gay porn site in over eighty hardcore flicks for Helix Studios and has a huge following on Twitter. He is a great top with a seven inch cut dick and he once said in an interview that if you buy him a drink in a bar, he will let you suck his dick. He has blonde hair, clothes blue eyes and is six foot one inch tall. Click Here To Watch All Of Joes Mills Gay Porn Videos