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Gods Of Men get stuck straight

‘Gods Of Men’ get stuck straight into the action with this great hardcore movie. It stars bestgayporn.xxx all exclusive star, Alex Mecum – and Wesley Woods, having sensual sex in the bedroom.
We start off with Alex Mecum kneeling up in the bed with just his tight underpants on. He is kissing Wesley Woods lovingly on the lips as his hands wander all over his body. Their unshaved chins scrape against each other as their tongues fight in each other’s hot wet mouths. Wesley moves slightly down where he kisses and slightly chews on Alex’ small dark bullet shaped nipple. Alex’s muscles flex as he peels off Wesley’s tight t-shirt as he puts his arms up, and then around Alex’ thick neck as they sink down onto the pillow and carry on kissing passionately.
Alex moves down Wesley’s gym shaped body as he slowly feels his cock. He grabs Wesley’s pants by the elastic and pulls his pants down and off making it easier access to his seven inch enraged cock. Wesley puts an arm around his neck to hood him up as he pulls his neck up to watch as Alex begins to suck on his cock. As Alex sucks him off, you can see Wesley’s balls moving around in his tight sack with excitement at the feeling of a tight mouth sucking him off. Alex then goes back up as he strokes on Wesley’s cock and Wesley strokes on Alex’ eight and a half inch dick as they mutely masturbate each other.
Alex goes back to his cock sucking but this time, he gets up on his knees, and as he bends over, we get a great shot of his asshole as it automatically opens up like a ripe peach as he bends over.
They start moaning and groaning quietly when Wesley sits up and Alex kneels on his legs with Wesley sucking on his solid hard dick and starts to deep throat him. Alex’ cock starts to throb between Wesley’s tight lips and he tells Wesley that he wants to fuck him. Wesley rolls onto his side and lets out another groan as he feels Alex’ condom covered cock entering his asshole and stretching his smooth rim as wide apart as they can go. Alex brings his arm down and strokes Wesley’s cock in perfect time with the slow and long thrusting of his own cock imbedded deeply inside Wesley’s ass.
As Alex’ thrusting gets more urgent, Wesley takes over stroking on his own dick, and every now and then Wesley turns around so that they can kiss at the same time as he gets his ass fucked harder and harder. As their passion builds up they get lost in a world of wonderment and can only feel the excitement building up in their hot and horny bodies, the rest of the world is lost to them.
Alex lies on his back and the camera goes in close as Wesley Woods sits on top of his fat dick and rides him up and down like a horse in a fast canter. They do a flip flop and pretty soon Wesley is fucking the ass off of Alex, and their hot sticky cum explodes out of their pulsating dicks which splashes all over Alex Mecum’s hairy and hard body.

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