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Men.com follow Brent Everett as he goes around the world and makes sensual gay love to all the men he meets on and off camera. ‘Gods Of Men’ are proud to show it off for our entertainment. In this episode he meets up with the hunky and gorgeous, Massimo Piano.
Brent Everett starts off speaking about his love for gay guys with big dicks, and what he likes during gay guys sex. One thing he gets turned on by is Latin men and men with blue eyes, who he loves to make love to, rather than just have a quickie around the back.
gay guys with big dicks
The next scene shows off Massimo Piano laying on his back fully clothed on the couch with Brent Everett on top of him, kissing him passionately as their hands wander all over their hot bodies. Brent loves the taste of another man’s flesh and kisses Massimo’s hairy chest and small dark nipples which are both pierced, before he travels further down. They strip each other naked, and with Massimo still on his back, Brent goes in-between his powerful thighs and starts sucking on his seven inch circumcised cock. Massimo is so excited he thrusts his hips back and forth as he face fucks Brent at the same time as he deep throats his thick erection.

Brent then kneels up and as Massimo sucks his eight and a half inch dick, he strokes on his own cock which is rock hard and aching to cum. Massimo then turns around and gets on his hands and knees with his hairy ass in Brent’s fresh young face. The camera goes in close as Massimo leans back with his hands and spreads his juicy fuckable asshole open for Brent, who delves straight in with his tongue and tastes his delicious musky hole with enthusiasm.
The muscles on Massimo’s arm ripple as he takes his weight on his arms, and then the weight of Brent as he glides his cock deep inside his tight wet crack until he feels his balls resting against his entrance. Massimo groans out loud and Brent’s breathing gets deeper and heavier as he slides his cock in and out of Massimo’s hole which clamps down as tight as it can around his invading dick.
Massimo then gets Brent to sit up, and as he climbs on top of his cock, he kisses Brent fully on his lips as he rides his big dick up and down like a cowboy on a bucking horse. They kiss passionately once more and this time, Brent lies down and spreads his sexy legs as Massimo Piano drives his cock into Brent smooth asshole.
Brent Everett shoots a big thick juicy load of fresh hot cum over his body, and as he cums, his asshole goes into spasms around Massimo’s dick which is still deep inside him which sends Massimo over the top, and with a load groan, his cum gushes out and splatters over Brent’s thigh, hand and empty ball sack.